NeuroScience of Getting Rich

Incredible NEW DVD quickly and easily FLIPS ON the "Success Switch" in your brain by watching a few videos!

Watch this 20-minute introduction video to see how these videos work.

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Can a newly "UPDATED" Brain Make You More Successful?

Yes. A newly "UPDATED" brain… You read that right. You actually have that part of the brain that can be "updated" within you right now. And we can teach you how to access it, utilize it, and profit from its proper use.

  • Are you frustrated with little or no results by attending "success" courses, watching DVDs, listening to audios or reading books with inconsistent or temporary results?
  • Is your head packed with tons of information on "success," and yet you are still spinning your wheels in the same place?
  • Are you tired of feeling fear and hearing those voices of doubt?
  • Does seeing thousands of self-help products confuse you... or have left you in debt?
  • Do you feel like you are almost there and maybe the next product will do it... but you have heard yourself say the same thing before?
  • Do you know that there has to be a better way, but you're not sure what to do?
  • I guarantee you will feel this DVD working the first time you use it! Yes, the first time! That is how powerful these videos are!
  • Just watch the videos and do a little bit of guided thinking and focusing while watching... and the videos will do the rest.
  • And if it don't notice a shift or change, send it back for a refund.
  • Of course we recommend you watch it for at least a week. For optimal results, watch it over the course of 30 days.

Here is what you get in this DVD!

  • Over 90 minutes of mind-changing videos
  • 12 Videos to
    • strengthen your higher "Success Switch" brain
    • quiet your lower "reptilian" brain
    • overcome fear, doubt, greed and non-rational decision making
  • BONUS: 2ea. 20 minute IMMEDIATELY downloadable subliminal videos on overcoming your worst FEARS! ($39.00 Value)
  • BONUS: A digital copy of my NEW (150 page) Book Inspired Manifestation A book that once you flip your new Success Switch will help you manifest your dreams as you learn to tune into your inspiration. ($17.00 value)
  • BONUS: A digital copy of Kathy Zant’s book The Wealth Diet. Kathy took 500 people through an incredible 30-day course on wealth and money. This book is the result of that journey. ($9.99 Value)

Retail price was going to be $97. However, with the tough times so many are experiencing, I want this material helping as many people as fast as possible. So I've made this DVD available to you for $27.

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Do you want to be Successful? You had better learn to "Drive Your Brain."

the success switch

Nobody gave you a manual on how to run your brain to be successful when you were born.

And your parents didn’t have one either, so chances are they wrongly flipped some switches in the direction you didn’t want. You're likely still trying to figure out how to "UNSWITCH" them!

With the advances in brain (NeuroScience) research we know how to start flipping the bad ones off and the good ones on.

In the NEW NeuroScience of Getting Rich: The Success Switch DVD, I have created specific videos that use the best of NLP, Hypnosis, Subliminals, Hypnotic Metaphors and specifically designed music to guide your brain to start turning off the negative switches and turn on the "Success Switch."

I have been studying NeuroScience for many years. Only in the last few years are we learning of the top-notch research using incredible equipment showing us what is really happening in the brain.


The amazing thing is that the research is verifying most of what I have already been doing in my private coaching practice. The great news is we can now refine it even more... because we can actually see what works.

I have backward engineered this DVD to create state-of-the-art change and clearing techniques. This DVD is creating incredible results.

I have already successfully tested these videos!

A year and a half ago a professional stock market trader asked me to make some videos to help traders make more money. He said that most traders were like gamblers and drug addicts and out of control only acting from their "reptilian" brains. They spend thousands and tens of thousands on trading systems but cannot control their brains enough to use them like they are meant to used. We sent out some advanced copies to some traders that could really use the help.

Then it hit me:

That’s everyone (including you) he is talking about!

  • Entrepreneurs
  • People involved in Self-help
  • Coaching
  • Salespeople
  • Home Businesses
  • MLM
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Etc.

Using the videos in The Success Switch, a trader used emWave Heart Math to determine that the program really does work.

"Using the emWave Desktop version from Heartmath, I am able to indisputably prove to myself that the program works. I’ve included 2 pictures, one of my "state of mind" before watching the training videos (showing poor coherence) and the second immediately after watching the video training – showing a high state of coherence and the ability to stay there.
Dan Foltz Cinncinati, Ohio

"The progress that I'm seeing with my challenges of high anxiety, self doubt, and victimization in regards to FOREX trading are absolutely remarkable in the space of one week.

I have used both the necker cube video and the inductive space video assiduously, multiple times, many times each day. The "layers of the onion" are peeling ... wow! in a way that I did not expect. I know that what is happening is the removal of all obstacles to my success in trading.

These obstacles are not only about only trading or learning the trade plan or concepts of FOREX. They are cutting to heart of the deep problems I have been facing for many years in my whole life as a human being.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Mark Justin
Canyon Country, California

If you're ready to start making consistent "Successful" decisions, if you're ready to rise above the primal reptilian brain, if you're ready to discover a new, more confident, more powerful, and more intelligent success resources within you, then you're ready for "Success Switch" DVD.

I developed these DVDs using the latest research from neuro-economics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Hypnosis. We have consulted with the top practitioners in the world in the field of neuroplasticity and mind-change research: John Overdurf and Dr. John Burton.

You'll learn not only from Dr. Burton and John Overdurf, but also from Mark J. Ryan's years of study and practical application of mind change.

This DVD encapsulates it all. This product is unparalleled in its ability to help you re-program your unconscious and conscious minds to become a success... FAST!

intro and tips

1). Introduction and tips on how to use the exercises. I also frame and prime your unconscious mind for how best to utilize the new technology for faster results.

mind power

2). Mind Power Video. The powerful foundational exercise that expands the effectiveness of the other exercises. This video alone will change so much in your life. You will begin to feel more calm, relaxed and focused within just a few minutes of applying these three "Switches". I have used these exercises successfully for years in my Coaching practice and seminars.

mind flex

3). Mind Flex ( or as I like to call it "The Negative Belief Shredder"). This subliminal video also uses hypnosis, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming, Subliminals, Specially Created Music and Necker Cube technology to produce a unique state of mind to expand flexibility during problem solving. This video also uses Theta and Gamma Wave technology to open up the lower and higher centers of the brain together for a very unique experience.

impulse and urge

4). Eight Short videos on---Impulse and Urge videos. Dr. John Burton developed these eight metaphorical and hypnotic scripts to short circuit these processes at an unconscious level. These are cutting-edge scripts that bypass conscious thinking to get at the unconscious drives that sabotage your natural "Success Switch."

abundant space

5). Abundant Space Video. Quiet the primal parts of the mind that can trigger an adrenaline rush while opening up the higher, rational centers of the brain. Get both working at the same time through this powerful exercise. Many have called this "the flow state." It will also have a major impact in many different parts of your life…especially relationships.

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